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Mar, 2014

2014 Fall Recreation League: Registration NOW OPEN!

For the past 30+ years, MYSA is proud to offer one of the largest Fall Recreation Soccer Programs in all of California. Numbers are growing! Last year MYSA had close to 3000 participants and is expecting an increase in 2014. 


DEADLINE TO REGISTER (with guaranteed placement):  May 1st
*MYSA is accepting late registration with guaranteed placement through May 16th.  A late fee of $10 per player does apply. *

Players can register online (CLICK HERE), in office or by mail.  If you would like to have a registration form emailed to you, send your request to

Cost per player:     $125 (players 4 & 5 years of age on July 31st) & $135 (players 6 - 18 years of age on July 31st). This includes a complete uniform (MLS jersey, shorts and matching socks).

An overview of the league is as follows:

REGISTRATIONThe Modesto Youth Soccer Association’s recreational program is intended to provide play for children ages 4 to 18 years of age.  Fall teams are not coed.  A player’s age is determined by how old they are on July 31st of the current playing year. The Under-6 Program is an eight (8) week season. The Under-8 program is a ten (10) week season. The Under-10 through Under-19 age group will play eight (8) league games, and conclude their season with a tournament. Registration can be completed online, mailed to the P.O. Box, or completed at the MYSA office.

LATE REGISTRATIONRegistration forms postmarked or received later than May 1st are considered “Late Registrants” and subject to a $10 late fee per player. Players that are registered late may be placed on a waiting list. Waiting list players will be placed on the first available team without regard to location. WE WON’T GUARANTEE TEAM PLACEMENT FOR LATE REGISTRANTS. If a parent allows a child who registered late to practice with an MYSA team without having been notified of placement on that team, any liability by MYSA for injury to the player is precluded and the player is excluded from MYSA insurance coverage. Late registered players may be placed on teams as late as the middle of August. Placing or withdrawing players can only be done through the office. Coaches do not have the authority to make team roster changes.

LEISURE BUCKS:  The Leisure Buck Program is offered through the City of Modesto’s Park and Recreation Department. MYSA will accept leisure bucks as a partial payment toward the cost of registration as long as the actual card and balance of fees are turned in with the registration form. Families using leisure bucks must either register by mail or in the MYSA office. Applications for leisure bucks can be picked up at the City of Modesto’s Parks and Recreation Department located at 1010 10th Street on the 4th floor.

FUNDRAISING: There is no required fundraising at MYSA. Optional fundraising is available from March 1st – May 15th. Packets are available at the MYSA office beginning March 1st. Families using fundraising to help pay for, or offset the cost of registration must FUNDRAISE first, and REGISTER AFTER THE AMOUNT OF CREDIT IS DETERMINED. Refunds will not be given for players that fundraise after registration is paid. For more information regarding fundraising opportunities, please call, email, or stop by the MYSA office.

RETURNED CHECKS: Checks returned by the bank and all costs incurred as a result of the returned check, are the responsibility of the signer. This includes all bank fees as well as a $25 processing fee that will cover all administrative costs on behalf of MYSA. The total amount owed must be paid by a cashier’s check, money order, or cash before the child can participate in further league activities.

REFUND POLICY: Refund request will ONLY be considered for the following three (3) reasons:  (1) A player is unable to participate due to an injury. A doctor’s note must accompany a letter requesting the refund.  (2) A player is unable to participate due to a move that takes them more than 15 minutes away from Modesto. Proof of the new address must accompany a letter requesting the refund.  (3) A player registered but was not placed on a team by the start of the season (league play)All refund requests must be submitted by Friday before the first league game. There will be NO REFUNDS due to the dislike of a coach, team placement, if a parent/player pulls their child for another activity or the player chooses to stop playing. A $10 processing fee will be deducted from all refunds with the exception of non-placement of a player.

TEAM SPONSORS:  Team Sponsorships are a large part of our program.  Sponsors are recognized on every uniform of the team they are sponsoring. They also receive a nice plaque at the end of the season that includes a photo of the team. All donations are 100% tax deductible and help offset the overall cost of registration for the next season. The goal at MYSA is to have a sponsor for every team.

TEAM COMPOSITION / FRIEND REQUESTS:  We make every possible effort to balance out the teams to ensure fair play. The following guidelines are followed (in order) while forming teams:  (1) Players must be in the same age group and gender. (2) Most age groups are broken down into divisions based upon ability level.  At the time the teams are formed, player ratings and/or previous experience from other clubs, determine placement. For age groups with divisions, friend requests can only be considered if both players are of the same ability level. (3) Teams are divided by the ability level of the players designated for that division. School area is considered if the level of play can be equally disbursed. (4) Coaches can only have 3 players from the previous year’s roster. These are the Coach’s child, Asst. Coach’s child and Sponsor’s child. Paperwork MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE TEAMS BEING FORMED.  If a coach, asst. coach or sponsor has more than one child on the team, then a maximum of 4 players from the previous year’s roster will be allowed.  NO EXCEPECTIONS! (5) To avoid team stacking, friend requests of Coach’s children can’t be considered. Sponsors can request a friend if they are not sponsoring a paticular coach’s team. COACH REQUESTS ARE NOT CONSIDERED.

TEAM ASSIGNMENTS AND PRACTICE SCHEDULECoaches will begin contacting their players mid to late July or as soon as they pick up their roster. Some coaches are unable to attend the initial Coaches Meeting; therefore, not all coaches will call their players at the same time. If your child has not been contacted by the beginning of August, please call, email, or stop by the MYSA office during normal business hours. It is your responsibility to notify MYSA of changes in your contact information. This includes all email changes as most coaches and the League will contact you initially by email.  Weekday practices for U6 players are optional and at the discretion of the coach, but usually no more than one (1) time per week.

COACHES: One coaching volunteer is needed per 11 players that register. Parents, Grandparents, or friends can volunteer to coach. All Coaches must complete a disclosure form and Live Scan prior to being approved and receiving a roster. All Recreation League Coaches are volunteers.

LEAGUE GAMESDepending on field availability and participation, some games may be played on Week Nights while most games will be played Saturdays. Schedules are posted online early to mid-August, and the first game will be held the latter part of August. 

BOARD OF DIRECTORS / VOLUNTEERSOur program is governed by a Board of Directors that operates on a volunteer basis and meets once a month. Anyone interested in serving as a Board Member or on a committee organized by the Board can contact the MYSA office by email or phone.

PHYSICAL ABUSE POLICYThe MYSA Board of Directors reserves the right to ban from our organization indefinitely any family whose member physically strikes or abuses a player, referee, coach, employee, board member, or any other person acting in an official capacity on behalf of the Modesto Youth Soccer Association. The Board reserves the right to take action for other types of abuse.