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Modesto Youth Soccer Association - AJAX

Club Service Opportunities

Ajax will post volunteer opportunities as they become available.  All shifts are to cover volunteer hours only.  If we can not fill all spots with volunteers will we offer paid opportunities, this will be announced if needed. All paid shifts must be pre-approved. To volunteer, simply click on the link below. 

EVENT:  Ajax End of Summer Clash- Girls Weekend
DATE: September 22nd-23rd

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Club Service

Modesto Ajax serves over 400 players from more than 300 families on 38 teams. Our program would become overly expensive if all tasks of the club were completed by paid staff. Lots of volunteers are needed to provide our players and families with a high quality program filled with fun and personal development.

Modesto Ajax requires each family to perform at least five (5) hours of club service. Parents must keep track of their own hours. As an incentive to participate, Modesto Ajax assesses a $150 fully-refundable club service deposit at the time of registration. If your family performs five or more hours of club service work, that deposit is 100% refunded.

At the approved event, upon completion of your hours, make sure to get a signature from the event coordinator (see attached form). Hours will not qualify if not accompanied by the event coordinator’s signature. Upon completion of your 5 hours, please mail or go to the Modesto Youth Soccer Association office and drop off the signed form. At that time the form will be submitted for reimbursement.  Another option is to apply these funds to your players team account instead of getting a check mailed to you.

Activities that qualify are listed below. In addition to the list, you may receive special calls for club service with those hours qualifying. However, activities that only benefit the team will not….while these are very important for your team, the goal is to have involvement of families with the running of the club.

Club Service opportunities include

Annual Role*
· MYSA Board of Directors
· AJAX Volunteer Staff Member
· Punishment & Discipline (PAD) Committee
· MYSA Task Force Member
· Recreation Team Head Coach

One-time Opportunities 
• Try-outs
· Camps
· Tournament Set-up/Take-down
· Tournament Check-in or Field Marshall
· Club Concessions or Parking Attendant
· Club Fundraiser Events

Annual* Club Service “Team” positions include
· Assistant Coach
· Team Manager

*Note – Annual Roles all exceed the five hour minimum requirement but are offered 50% off all Ajax camps