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Modesto Youth Soccer Association - AJAX

League Rules

The purpose of this adult soccer league is to promote and support adult soccer play in a friendly and family-like environment in the Modesto area. FIFA and USSF rules govern MYSA-Ajax play, except as amended by these rules.
It is the intent of MYSA-Ajax to:
•Promote the game of soccer in a spirit of teamwork, fair play and sportsmanship.
•Provide coherent competition among area players and soccer teams.
•Develop and foster interest in soccer in the greater Modesto area.
These rules are broken into four major areas
•Participation in MYSA-Ajax/Adult Leagues
•League Operations
•Scoring and points calculations
•Deviations from FIFA and USSF rules
Participation in MYSA-Ajax:
Players and coaches joining MYSA-Ajax must follow any additional guidelines found within these MYSA-Ajax rules.

All teams are required to provide a team roster at the beginning of the season. Contact League administrators (Tom Daniels; [email protected] or Dennis O'Brien: [email protected]) for information needed to access online team rosters.   All players are required to fill out a liability waiver and Code of Conduct form. Registered players must provide a picture proof of age to the league register prior to the designated date.  Unregistered and Unqualified  Players on a team will be the cause of a forfeit to the team in question and result in a $25 fine and a penalty of minus 1 pt. from their standings.  

8 v 8 teams can carry a minimum of 10 players with an unlimited maximum.
11 v 11 teams can carry a minimum of 14 players with an unlimited maximum.

Players must be listed on the roster and show a picture ID before every game when checking in with the referees.  There will be no exceptions unless cleared personally by the MYSA/Ajax Adult Coordinator.

Payment is due before any team may take the field. Bounced checks will require cash payment, and a $25.00 return check charge in addition to the amount of the NSF check. Returned checks will not be re-deposited. (See Registration page for Seasonal Fees) 
Not allowed within the same Division.  Players are allowed to play in different Adult Leagues during the same season as long as they fulfill the age requirements and complete a liability waiver and Code of Conduct form for each League.

The league will conduct  managers’ meetings as necessary.  Managers or representatives from each team are required to be present at these meeting for the entire meeting.  Most communications will be conducted through email and on this website.

MYSA-Ajax will run three seasons per year with eight regular season games and an end of season playoff the following two weeks for teams that qualify.

Teams will be placed in divisions based on level of experience and past participation in the league.  In the given case that there are 2 divisions in the same league, the winner of the lower division will be moved up to the upper division and the team that ends in last place of the upper division will be moved down to the lower division.  MYSA-Ajax reserves the right to change, alter or combine divisions at any time for scheduling or competitive purposes.

MYSA-Ajax shall offer an 8 v 8 Open Coed League, and an 11 v 11 Men’s League. Other leagues may be established at the Adult League Coordinators' discretion.
8 v 8 Coed Open League: Each 8 v 8 coed team must field at least one female player and 1 male player at all times.  No more than 5 male players may be fielded.  If a team is unable to field a female player, they must play down one player for each female player not fielded.
At the end of the regular season, the top four teams will advance to the play-offs.  

Once a season schedule is published to the MYSA-Ajax web site, no changes will be made unless an unexpected logistical problem arises. The only other exception is weather related changes.  If this is the case, all managers will be notified of the change(s) electronically.  Weather and field availability permitting, all teams will play an eight match series each season plus play-offs.

Players must present 15 minutes before the official start of a game for check-in with the referee.  If a match starts late because of player tardiness, time will be removed from each half to trim the game, and the late team may be fined up to $25. A match is considered official once the 1st half has been completed.  If play must be halted after the start of play, but before the half is complete, the MYSA-Ajax adult league scheduler will make every attempt to reschedule the shortened game. However, if field, weather or other situations preclude timely rescheduling, the game may not be replayed. If this occurs, the score standing will be used as the final score of the game.  If a play-off game is approved to be rescheduled, the requesting team will be required to pay for the referee fee, plus the field rental fee and the lights cost if game is played under the lights. Regular season games cannot be rescheduled.

If a team is going to be unable to attend a match, the Team Manager must provide notification to the League Administrators no later than 48 hrs before the start of the match.  Failure to have a minimum amount of players’ show-up (7 for 11 v 11 and 5 for 8 v 8) will result in a forfeit for that team and may result in the dismissal of the team for the remainder of the season.  Referees will allow a five-minute grace period from the posted start time to field a team. The team that wins by default will add maximum points to their division standings (3 points) with a score of 1 to 0.

Players are responsible for fair, sportsmanlike and polite behavior at all times.  No fighting will be tolerated. Foul, vile or vulgar language or actions will not be used on the field either toward other players, referees, or in general.  Referees are instructed to card offenders.   Any fight will result in an immediate Red Card, suspension, fine, and loss of team point(s) to whoever is involved in the misconduct.  
Referee abuse and assault will not be tolerated
includes the following acts committed upon a referee: hitting, kicking, punching, choking, spitting at, or on, grabbing, stepping on, or running into a referee; the act of kicking or throwing any object at a referee, damaging the referee’s uniform or personal property.
Referee abuse is also defined as a verbal attack or physical approach that implies or threatens physical harm to a referee or the referee’s property or equipment.  Verbal threats are remarks that carry the implied or direct threat of physical harm. Threats such as: "I’ll get you after the game" or "You won't get out of here in one piece" shall be deemed referee abuse. 
Police will be called to the field.  Commission of any of the preceding acts will carry a 6 month to one-year suspension as determined by the MYSA-Ajax P.A.D. committee—all committee decisions are final.

Yellow cards accumulate through the season. A player will receive a one (1) game suspension upon receiving their fourth (4) yellow card in any one season.  
A red card will have an automatic 1-game suspension minimum.  A suspended player may not be reinstated prior to the incident being reviewed by the leagues disciplinary review committee (Penalties, Appeals, and Discipline P.A.D)— P.A.D. meets Thursday Nights at 7 pm.  Team's managers and players are able to attend these meetings or share their testimony via email or committee decisions are final.  A $25 fine will be levied for all red card violations and a penalty of 1 point will be removed from the team's standings in the league.

All decisions made by the referees assigned to MYSA-Ajax matches are final. USSF and referees in training are contracted to referee league games. No appeals will be accepted pertaining to decisions by the referee. No player or individual shall enter the field of play without the referee's permission.

Once entered on the schedule, refunds are subject to the League Coordinator's approval.

All teams are required to wear matching uniforms in order to play.  Matching jerseys or matching T-shirts are required and must be numbered.  Two shirts are highly recommended (one light colored and one dark colored) to be available at every game for both teams.  Shorts and socks do not necessarily need to be of the same brand name or style but have to be of the same color (or very similar such as navy blue & black).  Clashing colors will not be allowed such as wearing green instead of red or orange instead of royal blue).  Numbered pennies or training bibs are acceptable. A referee shall disallow a player from the field of play until he or she is wearing his or her team matching colors. If player refuses to change then he shall not be allowed to play.

These leagues are open to players of all ages (over 18) and skill levels.

A grievance/protest is a complaint with a suggested resolution. The only matters that are grievable/protestable are treatment of players by coaches, actions of spectators, or any clear violation of the MYSA-Ajax rules that has escaped the attention of the Adult League Coordinator. Any grievance/protest shall be filed in writing, with a $25 nonrefundable protest fee, to the league within three days of the action under protest. Upon receipt, the League management will review the relevant facts and render a determination in writing to the protester within seven days. The following items, while not exclusive, are not grievable/protestable:
•MYSA-Ajax rules
•Referee decisions
•Decisions regarding suspensions

Games played will be awarded points based on the following system:
Win- 3 points for winning team
Tie- 1 point for both teams
Loss- 0 points to the losing team


* Yellow Cards: Players who receive a yellow card MUST leave the field.  They may be replaced by a substitute at that time or the team can play short a player.  The yellow carded player may be substituted back in after a reasonable cooling-off period decided by the referees.
All jewelry must be removed from head, arms, and hands before taking the field.
CO-ED Only:
* Slide tackling is PROHIBITED, except by the goalie in the box.
* After the goalie has taken control of a "live" ball in their hands, no punts, kicks or throws are allowed past midfield without first touching another player or the ground (does not apply to goal kicks). 
* All offensive-end of field kicks must be taken by a female.
*During games that must have a winner, Kicks from the Mark will be with only the players on the field at the end of the game.  Men and women can kick in any order.  Five players will be selected from each team.  If there is a tie after 5 rounds then single rounds will be completed until all participants have kicked.  If it is still tied players will kick again one round at a time until there is a winner.  The kickers can kick in a new order, but no one can kick again until every participant on their team has kicked.

Unless otherwise indicated here, all Laws of the Game as prescribed in FIFA’s sanctioning bodies’ law books will apply to all MYSA-Ajax matches.
Law 1: The Field of Play.  Local conditions may mandate use of non-standard or sub-optimal fields.
Law 3: The Number of Players.  Free-substitutions are permitted for both teams during most dead-ball situation with previous referee approval.
Law 7: Duration of the Match.  If weather or field conditions mandate, and with the concurrence of both involved teams, matches may be shortened from the normal 30 (8 v 8) and 40 (11 v 11) minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.

In case of point ties, the tie will be broken in this order:
1.Goal difference
2.Goals for
3.Goals against
4.Head-to-head competition
5.Least amount of red-cards received
6.Coin toss.
During play-offs, ties will be broken as follows:
During the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals in case of a tie, Kicks from the Mark will decide who advances. There is NO overtime.
If for any reason after halftime, the game is not completed do to weather, lighting failure, or any other reason that is out of the control of the teams, and the game is tied, the game will be decided by the season point tie-breaker rules (if Kicks from the Mark have started then the winner will be decided by which team had a lead in the last round that was completed).
* If there is any disagreement with regards to the above rules, it will be the Adult League Coordinators' responsibility to interpret such rules to the parties affected.  The Adult League Coordinators shall have the final word on any rule interpretation issue.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Players tell us they want a referee for every match, yet thousands of match officials drop out because of the abuse and intimidation they receive on and off the field. Respect your referee today and you may just get one for every match this season. Play your part and observe MYSA/AJAX’s Code of Conduct at all times. 

On and off the field, I will:
• Adhere to the Laws of The Game 
• Display and promote high standards of behavior 
• Promote Fair Play 
• Always respect the match officials’ decisions 
• Never engage in public criticism of the match officials 
• Never engage in offensive, insulting or abusive language or behavior 
• Never engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment 
• Speak to my team-mates, the opposition and my coach/manager with respect 
• Remember we all make mistakes. 
• Win or lose with dignity. Shake hands with the opposing team and the referee at the end of every game.

I understand that if I do not follow the Code, any/all of the following actions may be taken by my club, league or organization: 
I may:
• Be required to apologize to team-mates, the other team, referee or coach. 
• Receive a warning from the coach 
• Receive a written warning from the club committee 
• Be required to attend an USRC education course if available in your region 
• Be dropped or substituted 
• Be suspended from training 
• Not be selected for the team 
• Be required to serve a suspension 
• Be fined 
• Be required to leave the club.In addition: 
• The club, league or organization could impose a fine or other sanction against my team for my violation of any of the above.

If you have any questions, please contact the Adult League organizers at [email protected] & [email protected]

Download a Printable Release of Liability and Code of Conduct HERE