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Team Definition

Ajax offers competitive teams at many different levels with the goal of having at least two top teams in every age group (#project44strong).   We also feel it is a privilege to play competitive soccer and a coach or the club can remove any player from a team for any reason at any time.  We also know there are various levels of play within competitive soccer so below is an explanation of the level of competition and commitment involved with each of our competitive teams.

Academy Team (Most Competitive and Play At Highest Levels like MLS Next, Girls Academy and NPL - only 9v9 and 11v11 teams qualify)

·         Competes at the highest level.

·         The top players will be chosen to play on our Academy teams.

·         Will play to win league and tournament championships, which may have a direct effect on playing time.

·         Coaching decisions regarding playing time, player positions, and practice will be made in an attempt to field the most competitive team possible.

·         Academy teams also require the greatest commitment from the player and the family.

·         Soccer will be the primary sport.

·         Expected to make all practices and games.

·         Players who fail to maintain this level of commitment and competition will be placed on another level or removed from the program.


Green Team (Highly Competitive and Most Competitive in 7v7 age groups)

·         Competes at the highest appropriate level.

·         Will play to win league and tournament championships, which may have a direct effect on playing time.

·         Coaching decisions regarding playing time, player positions, and practice will be made in an attempt to field the most competitive team possible.

·         Green teams also require the greatest commitment from the player and the family.

·         Soccer will be the primary sport of Green team players.

·         Green team players are expected to make all practices and games.

·         Players who fail to maintain this level of commitment and competition will be placed on the White Team or removed from the program.


White Team (Very Competitive)

·         White teams will play at the highest level possible.

·         Emphasis is on player development but will play to win league and tournament championships, which may have a direct effect on playing time.

·         Coaching decisions regarding practices, playing time and player positions will be made to field a competitive team.

·         White Team players are expected to make all practices and games.

·         White Team players shall consider soccer as their primary sport.

·         White Team players who fail to maintain this level of commitment and competition will be placed on the Black team or be removed from our program.


Black Team (Competitive)

·         Black teams will play at an appropriate developmental level.

·         Black team players are expected to make all practices and games.

·         Player development will be the primary focus.

·         Teaching the game will drive most coaching decisions during practices and games.

·         Soccer will be their primary sport.

For those age groups with only one team, the Director of Coaching (DOC) will select the appropriate level of competition based on the team’s overall skill level and commitment. For all MYSA-AJAX competitive soccer teams, it should be understood that competitive soccer is a step up from recreational soccer in terms of competitiveness and commitment. Anyone unwilling to commit to making all possible practices and games should consider whether recreational soccer may be a better choice for them and can be removed from Ajax at any time if requirements aren't met.


Revised 5/7/2023

Player & Parent Revocation



MYSA-Ajax recognizes each player as representatives of the Club and thus holds each member to the highest standards of integrity, sportsmanship, and professionalism. Consequently, MYSA-Ajax reserves the right to revoke a player’s membership on a competitive team for any reason or suspend a player for a specified period of time should a situation arise that the coaching staff, Director of Coaching and/or Executive Director deem such action necessary. This includes if a coach doesn't think a player should be on their team for any reason.  MYSA-Ajax does not take such action lightly. The procedure for determining whether such action is warranted is outlined below.

I.     Recognition of Incident: 
           a.       The MYSA-Ajax Executive Director shall contact the MYSA-Ajax player and/or parent representative to request additional 
                     information regarding the situation, alleged violation, as the MYSA-Ajax Executive Director deems necessary or appropriate.
           b.       The MYSA-Ajax member shall promptly, but not later than ten (10) business days after such contact, provide all information 
                     requested by the MYSA-Ajax Executive Director. The failure to submit such requested information timely may be construed by the
                     MYSA-Ajax Executive Director as an acknowledgment by, or on behalf of, the player of the occurrence of the violation as alleged. 

II.     Formal Reporting:

        a.  The MYSA-Ajax Executive Director shall deliver a report (oral or written) to the Ajax Committee regarding the facts of the violation 
             including any disciplinary action taken by other certifying organizations against the MYSA-Ajax member.

        b.  This report may be delivered before the MYSA-Ajax member has responded to the request for information, however the MYSA-Ajax
             Executive Director shall update the report to include such response whenever it is received.

III.     Disciplinary Action:

         a.  The Ajax Committee may, upon receipt of such report, take any or all of the following actions:

  1. Immediately suspend or revoke the membership of the MYSA-Ajax member pending further review by the MYSA-Ajax Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  2. Privately censure the MYSA-Ajax member. The Executive Director shall advise the Board of the decision to censure in the form of a brief written report at the next scheduled meeting.
  3. Recommend that the Board suspend the membership of the MYSA-Ajax member for a period of time recommended by the Executive Director and/or Ajax Committee.
  4. Recommend that the Board revoke the membership of the MYSA-Ajax member.
  5. Determine that no violation has occurred and deem the matter closed.

         b.       Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Board of Directors is not limited to accepting or rejecting the recommendation
                   of the Ajax Committee and may impose on the MYSA-Ajax member any of the above penalties that the Board deems appropriate.

IV.     Notification and Appeal:
         a.       The Executive Director shall notify the MYSA-Ajax member of actions taken by the Ajax Committee.
         b.       The MYSA-Ajax member or parent representative may submit a written appeal to the MYSA-Ajax Board of Directors within sixty
                   (60) days of the Ajax Committee’s decision.
         c.       Upon receipt of the appeal, the Board of Directors will ask the Chair of the Ajax Committee to submit a written report explaining the 
                   reasoning behind the disciplinary recommendation.
         d.       The Board of Directors will decide regarding the appeal within sixty (60) days of receipt of the appeal in writing. 
         e.       The Board may authorize the censure, suspension, or revocation of membership of the MYSA-Ajax member prior to such appeal.
         f.        Except as otherwise specifically set forth herein, no MYSA-Ajax member shall have any right to be present at any meeting of the 
                   Board where discipline of any MYSA-Ajax member is being considered, though the Board may, in its sole discretion, permit such

V.     Suspension and/or Revocation of Membership:

         a.  Upon suspension or revocation of membership, the MYSA-Ajax member:

  1. Is no longer permitted to use the MYSA-Ajax designation and must immediately cease using the MYSA-Ajax designation;
  2. May not participate in any MYSA-Ajax member events; and,
  3. Shall be deemed to have immediately resigned from any positions with any MYSA-Ajax chapters or affiliates, boards, , committees and/or teams.

VI.     Reinstatement: 
         a.       Any MYSA-Ajax member whose membership is either suspended or revoked may apply for reinstatement at the earlier of the end of
                   the suspension or five (5) years from the date of the Board's initial decision.

Nothing in this policy is meant to prevent or limit the ability of the Executive Director, the Ajax Committee or the Board to promptly respond to any alleged violation of MYSA-Ajax player and/or parent codes of conduct or other game-related violation, nor does this policy give any MYSA-Ajax member any right to appeal any final decision of either the Ajax Committee or the Board to any regulatory body, legislative body or court. Each MYSA-Ajax member specifically waives any right to pursue any legal or equitable remedy against MYSA-Ajax, its directors, employees, agents and representatives with respect to any aspect of any disciplinary procedure.


The Board, the Executive Director or the Ajax Committee may delegate any or all of such party's responsibilities under this policy to one or more individuals who are directors, officers, employees or agents of MYSA-Ajax.

 To print a copy of this policy  CLICK HERE

Revised 2/05/2017


A player that would like to play-up in an older division must submit a written request to the AJAX Committee and Director of Coaching.  The AJAX Director of Coaching must receive the written request with plenty of time to review prior to tryouts.  The parents must also discuss their child’s request with the Director of Coaching prior to the beginning of tryouts.

Upon approval by the Director of Coaching, the player may tryout for an older division team.  The player will be evaluated during tryouts along with other players trying out for the desired team.  An under aged player may be placed on a team based on the following:


·         Since this is the first year of this policy, some players will be “grandfathered-in” with their current teams.

·         Players may only request to move up in age by 1-2 years.

·         The player must be evaluated during the scheduled team tryout period.

·         The player must demonstrate the mental, psychological, and physical maturity required to perform at an older age group.

·         The player must be determined by the evaluators to be an “impact player” for the older division team.  An impact player is generally defined as one of the top 3 players on the team.


The general rule is:  if the player is NOT in the top 3 (impact players) on an older team, he/she should be playing age appropriate for several reasons.  Playing up as an “impact player” can have several advantages to a player and his/her development.  Playing up as a “role player” does not typically benefit the player and may cause the player to regress psychologically and physically (playing time), which in turn will hinder tactical and technical abilities/experience.


Proposed exception to this policy must be presented to the Ajax Committee and Director of Coaching for review.  The Director of Coaching can make exceptions to this policy based on roster or developmental needs.  The decision of the Ajax Committee and the Director of Coaching concerning team assignment is final.


Revised 7/1/2016

Guest Play

Guest players from other clubs: 

Using guest players from other clubs is strongly discouraged unless an Ajax team is in need of additional players that cannot be recruited from within the club. The conditions under which this may occur include 1) lack of available players and/or 2) level of play involved. Recommendations should be submitted to the Ajax Committee and Director of Coaching with reasonable time for review.  If approved, coaches must balance the playing time between guest players and Ajax players with the expectation that coaches should not take playing time away from Ajax players.


Ajax players guest playing outside of the club: 

Guest playing for other clubs is generally discouraged, however MYSA-Ajax recognizes that such action may be appropriate under certain circumstances, particularly those related to level of play. Ajax players interested in guest playing for other clubs must seek formal permission from the Ajax Committee and the Director of Coaching through the following procedures: 

·         A written request must be made to the MYSA-Ajax Director of Coaching by the outside club’s Director of Coaching

·         The MYSA-Ajax Director of Coaching must make a recommendation to the Ajax Committee. The Ajax Committee is responsible for granting formal permission to guest play for other clubs.

·         Players will not be allowed to guest play for another club if their Ajax team is already schedule to participate in a game/tournament the same day/weekend of if the request would require them to play against another Ajax team.

·         Coaches and Managers are not allowed to give permission to any player to guest play unless the Ajax Committee and its Director of Coaching have granted permission.

·         Permission will be granted for one game, unless otherwise specified.

·         Consideration is given to whether the requesting club is part of District 8. Permission is less likely to be granted if the requesting club is part of District 8.


Written requests should be submitted to the Ajax Committee and Director of Coaching with reasonable time for review. The Ajax Committee meets monthly.


Revised 9/25/2016

Player Movement

MYSA-Ajax competitive teams may experience different rates of players’ growth and development.  Our MYSA-Ajax coaching staff manages player personnel on a case by case basis and base their decisions on the best developmental interest of each player being moved and teams that are involved.  Player movement is based on the development and improvements that players display on the field during practices and games throughout each season.  In order to be moved up or down, the coaching staff of the teams involved and the Director of Coaching will evaluate the impact in games of each player being considered, the needs of the teams involved, coaches’ input, individual evaluation, speed of play of the player and team, the overall soccer awareness of the player, and other appropriate developmental factors based on age and skill level.  We understand that moving players from team to team is a very sensitive issue.  We take every decision very seriously.  Once decisions are made, the coaching staff will request to meet with parents about the decisions and/or development of each child.  If you have further questions about this issue, please contact the Director of Coaching. Player movement may take place if necessary.


Revised 8/1/2016

Club Pass Movement

Player Selection Process:

·         Head coaches of each age group will identify players to be moved.

·         Managers will identify game conflicts of the age groups and teams involved.

·         Players will be club-passed based on the needs of the team in need of players.

·         Director of Coaching will approve the “Club Pass” movement.  The recommendation(s) will be submitted from the coach, not from parents.

·         Managers will communicate the movements to the parents.

·         MYSA-Ajax administration and Managers will perform administrative requirements for each player.

·         Transactions should be made 7-14 days in advance in order to avoid conflicts.  In case of last minute emergencies coaches, managers, and MYSA-Ajax administration should expedite the paperwork process to ensure that teams have sufficient players.

 ·         Coaches must be able to work together to ensure that all teams have enough players at each game.

Revised 7/1/2016

Jersey Number Policy

Uniform numbering policies are needed to accommodate our player development philosophy, otherwise player movement may result in conflicts with uniform numbers, creating additional uniform expenses for the players or teams.


Please know that number designation is done in the fairest intent possible and that our goal is to reduce or eliminate the number of conflicts in the event a new player joins an existing team or when a player is moved from one Ajax United team to another in the same age group/gender.  Ajax United has strived to ensure players receive the same number from year to year.  However, in some cases, conflicts arise.  With that in mind, below is Ajax United’s Numbering Policy:


  1. All Ajax United teams’ uniforms must have a number.

  2. Player number selection is not guaranteed; however, players may be provided with a choice of uniform numbers.

  3. All uniform numbering should be coordinated by each age group/gender to avoid duplicate numbers within the age group/gender. This practice will help avoid potential conflicts of having duplicate player numbers on any team caused by either guest player situations or potential player movement within the uniform cycle.

  4. Should duplicates occur within the age group, the oldest (definition of oldest:  time in Ajax United program) returning Ajax United player will keep their current jersey number.

  5. Should a player transitioning to a new team have a duplicate jersey number as an existing team player, seniority in the Ajax United program would decide who keeps the number. Should the two players have equal seniority, the responsibility of selecting a new number will fall to the newest player to that team. Should team transition happen after uniform ordering has occurred, the responsibility of selecting a new number will fall to the newest player to that team.

  6. In the event of a player number conflict, the club expects parents/players to resolve the issues amicably and as economically as possible, and if necessary, a random blind draw will be held to resolve the matter.  If needed, the seniority rule applies. The older player gets first choice to keep his/her number.  At the end of the day, common sense should prevail.

  7. The numbers 0 and 1 are to be reserved for goalkeepers. Each goalkeeper may select whichever number they want; if a team has more than one full time keeper, they should resolve any conflicts within the team.

  8. When possible, all field players should use numbers 2-99.

  9. Should a player leave the Ajax United program, then come back, their seniority (time with Ajax United program) starts over.

  10. The age group/gender will entertain requests for numbers, as long as no conflict is in place for any player in the same age group/gender.

  11. Unique numbering schemes need to be viewed across all players in the organization.

  12. For Ajax United teams/players, jersey number seniority begins when you purchase your first Ajax United jersey and is kept as long as you are within the organization.  Please also note that MYSA players moving over to an Ajax United team carry no seniority regardless of how many years they have been in the MYSA program.  They will be treated the same as a new Ajax United player.


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