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MYSA Recreation Playing Rules

All MYSA games will be played under international rules (FIFA) as modified for small-sided games below:


Game Duration
U6-U8 games: 2x20 minutes
U10 & U12 games: 2x25 minutes
U14 & U16 games: 2x30 minutes
U19 2x35: minutes
U6 & U19 games: 5 minute halftime breaks

Game Format
U6:6v6 - (no ref, no goalkeeper, coach on the field OK) Field Size: 30x20
U8:7v7 - Field Size 60x45 (no ref - coach on the sidelines; not on the field)
U10:7v7 - Field Size 60x45
U12:9v9 - Field Size 74x45
U19 Girls:11v11
U19 Boys:11v11

Ball Sizes
U6-U8:size 3
U10-U12:size 4
u14-u19:size 5

Kickoff can be played with “one touch” in any direction.
Teams must play down to the number of players the opposing team has at the start of each game.  

To start the game this is the minimal number of players to start the game:

U8 - U10: 5 players

U12: 6 players

U14 - U19: 7 players

U6-U8: No offside and no cherry picking.

U10 (ONLY) - 
Build out line: U10 fields must be marked with a “Build out Line.” When the goalkeeper has the ball in his or her hands or for a goal kick, the opposition must retreat behind the build out line. The opposition may not cross the build out line until the ball is put into play, the ball does not have to cross the penalty area boundary to be in play. The goalkeeper may choose to play the ball prior to the opposition being behind the build out line, but must then accept the consequences as the opposing players may then go for the ball. The goalkeeper may not punt or drop kick the ball; instead the goalkeeper may throw, pass, or roll the ball back into play. After releasing the ball the keeper may continue to play the ball.

• Build Out Line Offenses (U10 Only) If a goalkeeper punts or drop kicks the ball there will be an indirect free kick awarded to the opposition on the spot of the offense. If the offense occurs inside the goal area, then the free kick will be taken on the goal area line nearest to the point where the infringement occurred.

• Build Out Line – Offside Adjustment (U10 Only) The build out line becomes the line at which an offside offense occurs. So between the half way line and the build out line, there is no offside offense.

• Build Out Line – Six Second Rule (U10 Only) The counting of the six second rule regarding the goalkeeper holding the ball only starts after all opposing players have moved behind the build out line.

U12 & above: offside will be enforced.


No Deliberate Heading for Age Groups U14 and Younger No deliberate heading of the ball is allowed by any player on a team registered as U14 or younger. An infraction of this rule will result in the referee restarting the game with an indirect free kick to the opposition. NOTE: It is the referee’s decision as to whether the header was deliberate or not. This includes U14 play as the new heading directive restricts heading in a game for players aged 12 and under – the U14 age group includes youth aged 12 and 13.

U6-U12: not allowed - an indirect free kick is awarded at the spot of the header.
If a header occurs inside the penalty area, the indirect free kick is from the top of penalty area.

Slide Tackling

U6-U12:no slide tackling. An indirect free kick is awarded at the spot of the slide tackle.  If a slide tackle occurs inside the penalty area, the indirect free kick is from the top of penalty area.

Punts/Drop Kicks

U8-U10 games -no punts or drop kicks allowed.  GK can roll/throw the ball out or pass it out with their feet.


Substitutions can be made on any throw-in, goal-kick, injury stoppage, and after a goal is scored.

Playdown rule for ALL age groups:

At game time, if the opposing team is short the maximum number of players allowed on the field, the other team must also start the game with a matching number of players. If another player(s) arrives for the team that is short, both teams, upon the referee’s permission, may allow the player(s) to be added to the field of play.

Mercy rule:

The mercy rule applies to the recreational teams only. If a team is up by 8 goals or more, the opposing team is required to pull one player. For example, a team up by 8 goals would pull a player off the field and play down by one player. A team up by 9 goals would pull 2 players, etc. No more than 3 players are to be off at one time….after the third player comes off no more should come off even the other team scores again.


Each teams fans should attempt to sit directly across from the team they are cheering for.

Coach Eligibility

Each coach must be registered with the Club and have an approved background check before the season begins.
Only two coaches allowed on the team sideline during the match.
Coaches our referees will now use the "Ask Tell Dismiss"  You will get a warning for the first offense,  you will be shown a "Yellow card" for the second and a "Red Card" for the third.  If you are shown a 'Red Card"  you will need to leave the playing field.  (Distance is Sight and Sound)

Disciplinary Action

Players ejected from a match will be ineligible to participate in the team’s next match.  Coaches cannot substitute for a ejected players.

Coaches ejected from a match must leave the fields and cannot come in any type of contact with his/her team, parents, referees, staff, spectators, or any other person involved in the game that he/she was involved in.  He/she will then serve a one-match suspension.
Any coach or parent ejected more than once in the same season will be banned for the remainder of that team's matches for that season.

The MYSA-Ajax PAD Committee will review all disciplinary actions in order to handle all situations appropriately and in a timely manner.

Please obey all traffic laws,  MPD and Enoch's High School will enforce all traffic laws.