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Modesto Youth Soccer Association - AJAX

Club Fees

Registration:  $150 Registration- due at the time of accepting team position or the initial team meeting.

The registration fee is used to cover direct registration costs and program administrative costs.  This includes association membership fees, contribution to coaching education, staff and administrative costs, website fees, and marketing costs.

Club Service Deposit: $150 Fully Refundable Deposit (Option to split into three payments of $50)

Ajax United serves over 375 players from more than 300 families on 28 teams.  Our program would become overly expensive if all tasks of the club were completed by paid staff.  Lots of volunteers are needed to provide our players and families with a high quality program filled with fun and personal development.

After Club volunteer hours are performed, a reimbursement form must be completed, signed and submitted to the office.  Reimbursement will only be authorized after 5 hours have been completed.  The funds will be credited to the player’s account.  Reimbursement forms must be submitted by the end of the season and no reimbursements will be issued after the end of the season.  These hours must be performed by a person who is at least 18 years old.

Club Fees: 

  • Ajax registration is due at the first Team Meeting Night in May/June: $150

  • Club Service Deposit: $150- Three(3) $50 installments to be paid in July, August, and September.

  • 2011 Teams:  $150 per month (June-February)

  • 2010 Teams: $155 per month (June-February)

  • 2009 Teams: $160 per month (June-February)

  • 2007-2008 Teams: $175 per month (June-February)

  • 2005-2006 Teams:  $170 per month (June-February)

  • 2000-2004 Teams: $150 per month (June-October & February-May)

  • Puma Uniform packages for new players- will last until May of 2019= $110

  • Players who join the teams after teams have been formed, their Ajax Registration and Club Service Deposit fees will be adjusted appropriately.  Your team monthly fees will remain the same.

Ajax United monthly fees will cover the following

  • Practice rental-two nights per week training throughout the year at Mary Grogan as scheduled by the club.

  • Game fees

  • Referee fees

  • Tournament- each team will have a specific budget for tournaments and coach’s travel for the year.

  • League and/or Playdate fees

  • State Cup (U9-U19)

  • Coaching Fees

  • Summer Clinic (U8-U14)

  • Teamsnap fees

  • Team Equipment Fees- Each team will have a specific budget for equipment needs for the year.

Player Payment Procedures:  All payments are due on the first of every month and will be made to the Club.  Club and team fees will be combined for one total due each month and posted to Blue Sombrero accounts.  We encourage families to enroll in the auto-pay on our website.  Payments can be made by check or cash in the office during office hours.    

Delinquent Accounts: A player with fees that are past due (over 30 days), and who has not tried to work out a "payment plan" or submitted a scholarship request by the due date, will be placed in bad standing with Ajax United until such time as the financial obligation has been resolved. A player in bad standing with Ajax United may not be rostered on a team, issued a player pass or participate in practices and/or games. In the cases of families with multiple players, an "in bad standing" status of one player will apply to all players in a family. Additionally, if applicable, a late fee may be charged for late payments.  Payment issues should not be discussed with coaches. Please contact the Ajax United Finance Department with any questions.

Player Statements:  We will not be distributing Player Statements.  Instead, player accounts can be accessed online.  However, check or cash payments may not be recorded right away.

Fundraising:  If your team will fundraise, you must have a fundraising committee or person in charge.  Please see the Team Fundraising tab for more information.  Player accounts will be credited as a payment.  Absolutely no fundraisers involving "Sports Pools" or gambling of any kind are allowed.

Team Equipment:  Equipment purchased with team funds becomes the property of the Team or Club. 

Coach Travel:  When travel is beyond the Region 8 area, mileage reimbursement will be made at the IRS business rate of .54 per mile (from the Complex to the field and back).  When an overnight stay is necessary, a reasonable hotel charge will be reimbursed with team funds. 

Financial Aid (Ajax Scholarships):  A limited and fixed amount of financial aid is available to families experiencing hardships.  Forms are available on our website under the Competitive tab.  Applications must be submitted to the office by July 1st.

Late applications will not be accepted.  The Committee will meet during the first week of the following month and notification will be sent to the families immediately after that.  If awarded a scholarship, player accounts will be credited. 

Injured Players:  Players that have an extensive injury or illness may have a portion of their monthly Club Fees reduced.  A $50 reduction in Club Fees may be allowed for injuries or illnesses lasting more than 2 months.  A doctor’s note, along with the Ajax Committee’s approval is required for a fee reduction.

Sponsorships/Donations:  Any Sponsorships should be made payable to Ajax United and will be credited 80% to the player responsible for acquiring the donation and 20% to be divided between the other players on the team at the time.


As a club, we have a financial aid & scholarship fund totaling approximately $10,000. This is money that is used to waive registration fees and club training fees. We have approximately 405 children involved in our club with a considerable number of families needing some financial assistance. Approximately $4400 is awarded to Developmental Academy, $3300 for Pre-Academy, and $2200 to Academy Program based on the number of players in each level. In order for us to provide scholarships to the folks that need the money the most, every request is evaluated on a player by player basis, considering three primary factors: (1) Financial Need (2) Player Level (3) Family Involvement in Ajax. Leveraging this resource to get the most out of this money is the challenge at hand. Our goal is to avoid any player leaving the program due to costs; however, with only $10,000 currently available, this is very difficult.

Currently the financial aid & scholarship fund is financed directly out of the Ajax general fund. We are putting in tremendous efforts to increase this fund by holding club fundraisers, sponsorships and Ajax soccer camps/clinics help contribute to this fund.

All completed applications along with the 1040 and recent pay stub must be turned in by July 1st.


CLICK HERE to download a Financial Aid Application.

Team Fundraising

All fundraising income must be submitted to the office with the Reconciliation Form (below)
Attach any invoices or worksheets used to calculate player profit
Do not use any of the fundraising income to pay expenses
For reimbursement of expenses, attach receipts with the name of the person to be reimbursed
Fundraising profit will be posted as a payment to Player Accounts on Blue Sombrero
Absolutely no fundraisers involving "Sports Pools" or gambling of any kind are allowed

Fundraiser  –  Only players who participate in the fundraiser receive profits.
Example: Selling Items - 100% profit to player account.
Example: Car Wash, Food Booth - Profit divided between those who participate.  Can choose to divide evenly between participants or divide between the number of hours worked.  100% profit to player account.

Donation from a business or Individual and is tax deductible to the donor, the player receives 80% of the sponsorship/donation and the rest of the team gets 20%, because a sponsorship/donation must benefit the entire team.


For any questions, please contact our finance office:
[email protected]
(209) 236-1800

For Fundraiser Reconciliation Form CLICK HERE



Player Registration Forms

All players new to Ajax United MUST complete all four (4) forms.  Once completed, please return to your team manager along with a photo copy of your players birth certificate and registration fee.

US Club Registration Form
Parent Agreement Form
Parent Code of Conduct
Head Injury Waiver

2018 Ajax United Parent Handbook CLICK HERE  to review