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We provide referees for Recreation, Competitive, Adult league including Men's league and coed, and tournaments.  We also provide year round training for our referees with field sessions and/or classroom training.
We use the service of Game Officials for scheduling and paying our referees.


Modesto Youth Soccer will be holding informational meetings for the upcoming soccer season for referees. Our season will start on Saturday 8-17-19. The main item of these meetings will be the major and minor changes in the Laws of the Game for this season. All changes and modifications to these laws will be enforced for recreational, competitive, and adult games. It will be very important for you to attend a meeting. MYSA will hold 4 meetings which will all be the same type of meeting covering the same items. You only need to attend one unless you want to attend more to help with educating yourself further with the law changes. These changes will also be presented to the coaches and families of MYSA at meetings so they understand what you, as referees, will be enforcing this season in regards to the changes.

All meetings will be from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Neighborhood Church 5921 Stoddard Road, Modesto, CA 95356:

August 2 Friday
August 6 Tuesday
August 8 Thursday
August 12 Monday


Referee general rules and regulation information for NorCal Premier League /  NorCal NPL League / NorCal State Cup Leagues; please click on the link to see information about game length, number of players, substitution rules and other referee information for these types of games.  CLICK HERE




2019-20 Laws of the Game

The Laws of the Game are authorized on an annual basis by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) and provided by the Federation Internationale de Football Associations (FIFA).

As you know MAJOR law changes have been put into place for the WWC and other summer cup tournaments in professional soccer. These changes in the laws of the game will take hold for the first games of the fall season for recreational, NorCal and adult soccer.


Sportsmanship Powerpoint

Congratulations to Bhavik Dutt on being selected to Cal North 2017 National Championship Game

The US Youth Soccer National Championship Series which took place in Frisco, Texas on July 25-30 with five Cal North delegates working the prestigious event. Isai Baltezar, Mike and Matthew Lanthier, Bahvik Dutt and Bryan Juarez were among the very best to officiate at Far West Regionals and based on their performance were selected to represent Region IV and Cal North.
Bhavik Dutt, pictured on the far right, is one of our own referees who came up in the Modesto Youth Soccer referee system. We are proud of his ability and how he has moved up as a referee in the last few years. Bhavik started doing youth games for MYSA and that lead into other areas as he grew as a referee. He is now doing high school and college games along with working all over California working at very high level assignments and tournaments.
Bhavik also still comes out to meetings for MYSA referees from time to time and offers his help in training our future referees. Thank you Bhavik for the job you have done representing MYSA as a youth referee and the service to our program. 

2017 CYSA D-8 Referee of the Year!

It is an honor to report to you that Madison Zabriskie was named Referee of the Year for CYSA D-8. It goes without saying that we are very proud of Maddie and the work she has done for MYSA and as a referee. She has done a great job with her added responsibilities with games and working with younger referees. Maddie has always got a smile and great attitude towards other referees, MYSA staff, coaches and players.