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Parent Code of Conduct

MYSA Parent Code of Conduct-

I understand that as a parent (or guardian) of the child that is being registered for MYSA recreation soccer, I am agreeing to the MYSA Code of Conduct for Parents, and I will abide by the guidelines.

MYSA operates on principles of responsibility, respect and sportsmanship.  Coaches, parents and players are expected to exhibit superior levels of these principles on and off the field. 

As a parent:

Be positive:  Encourage and support all players in a sportsmanlike manner, and cheer for the team.  Keep negative comments to yourself, especially those directed at another parent’s child.   Remember that the players are doing their best.

Do not coach from the sidelines:  Let the coaches make adjustments as they see the need.  Many times that instruction given from a spectator is exactly the opposite of the instruction given by the coach. 

Opposite Team Players:  Never address players on the other team, except to encourage.

Treat officials with respect:  All officials make mistakes.  Let the officials be human.  Let the coaches approach the officials if there is a need.  Remember the referee is always right, even when he/she is wrong.

Never make a scene in front of the teams as it is embarrassing for you, your children, the coach, the team and MYSA.

Parents will remain on the opposite sidelines as the coaches and players.  Parents will not sit on the end lines.  Follow the direction of the official.

24 hour cool off period:  If an issue arises from a match or practice with a coach, official, or other parent: you as a parent will wait 24 hours before bring the issue up for discussion.  In most cases, after 24 hours of thought, the issue is not as pressing or important as originally thought.  If after 24 hours the issue still needs discussion, follow the conflict resolution procedure.

Conflict Resolution

Our Path of Communication is extremely important to make sure that problems are addressed in an appropriate and timely manner. If you ever feel your player is in an unsafe or potentially harmful situation then you should immediately contact the Director of coaching, technical director or an MYSA board member. All discussions will be kept confidential if requested by the parent. If the issue is not a circumstance of player safety then we urge you to follow the path of communication identified below.

We urge you to bring up questions or concerns you may have without having fear of a backlash toward you or your child. MYSA has a 24 hour cool off period- this means no conversations, calls, texts or emails immediately following a match. The following is the path of communication that needs to become implemented:

Player or Parent Concerns: You must first talk with the Coach. If the problem cannot be solved you will speak with your Team Parent Liaison. If the issue still cannot be solved it will be heard in front of the MYSA Recreation Committee. Again, if the issue is still not solved it will go to the Board of Directors, if necessary.

The following path of communication is for the Coach, either with a player or parent concern. The coach will first talk to the player and/or parent, trying to solve the issue. If the issue cannot be solved, or the inappropriate behavior does not cease, the coach will contact the MYSA Recreation Committee.  Again, if the issue is still not solved it will go to the Board of Directors, if necessary.


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