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REGISTRATION:  MYSA recreational program is intended to provide play for children ages 4 to 18 years of age.  Spring teams are coed.  The U6 program is an 8 week session.  The U8 program is a 10 week session.  The U10 through U16 age groups will play seven league games and conclude  their session with a tournament.  Registration can be completed online.

LATE REGISTRATION:  Registration completed after the “Early Bird” deadline is considered  ”Late Registration” and is subject to a $25 late fee per player.  Players that are registered late may be placed on a waiting list.  Waiting list players will be placed on the first available team without regard to location.  WE DO NOT GUARANTEE TEAM PLACEMENT FOR LATE REGISTRANTS.  If a parent allows a child who registered late to practice with an MYSA team without  having been notified of placement on that team, any liability by MYSA for injury to the player is precluded and the player is excluded from MYSA insurance coverage.  Late Registered players may be placed on teams as late as the middle of August.  Placing or withdrawing players can only be done through the office.  Coaches do not have the authority to make team roster changes.

RETURNED CHECKS: Checks returned by the bank and all costs incurred as a result of the returned check, are the responsibility of the signer. This includes all bank fees as well as a $25 processing fee that will cover all administrative costs on behalf of MYSA. The total amount owed must be paid by a cashier’s check, money order, or cash before the child can participate in further league activities.

REFUND POLICY: Refund request will ONLY be considered for the following three (3) reasons: (1) A player is unable to participate due to an injury. A doctor’s note must accompany a letter requesting the refund. (2) A player is unable to participate due to a move that takes them more than 15 minutes away from Modesto. Proof of the new address must accompany a letter requesting the refund. (3) A player registered but was not placed on a team by the start of the season (league play). All refund requests must be submitted by Friday before the first league game. There will be NO REFUNDS due to the dislike of a coach, team placement, if a parent/player pulls their child for another activity or the player chooses to stop playing. A $10 processing fee will be deducted from all refunds with the exception of non-placement of a player.  If the season is cancelled prior to beginning, a full refund will be issued to all players.  

TEAM SPONSORS: Team Sponsorships are a large part of our program. Sponsors are recognized on every uniform of the team they are sponsoring. Sponsors receive a plaque at the end of the season that includes a photo of the team. All donations are 100% tax deductible and help offset the overall cost of registration for the next season. The goal at MYSA is to have a sponsor for every team. 

TEAM COMPOSITION/FRIEND REQUESTS:  We make every possible effort to balance out the teams to ensure fair play.   The following guidelines are followed (in order) while forming teams:  (1) Friend requests are not guaranteed.  (2)  Players must be in the same age group and gender. (3) Coaches can only have 3 players from the previous year’s roster (Head Coach’s child, Assistant Coach’s child, and Sponsor’s child).   PAPERWORK MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE TEAMS BEING FORMED.  If a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Sponsor have more than one child on the team, then a maximum of 4 players from the previous year’s roster will be allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS! (4) To avoid team stacking, friend requests of coach’s children cannot be considered.  Sponsors can request a friend if they are not sponsoring a particular coach’s team.  COACH REQUESTS ARE NOT CONSIDERED.

TEAM ASSIGNMENTS AND PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Coaches will begin contacting their players by the end July or as soon as they pick up their roster. Some coaches are unable to attend the initial Coaches Meeting, therefore, not all coaches will call their players at the same time. If your child has not been contacted by the beginning of August, please call or email the MYSA office during normal business hours. It is your responsibility to notify MYSA of changes in your contact information. This includes all email changes as most coaches and the MYSA office staff will contact you initially by email. Weekday practices for U6 players are at the discretion of the coach, but are usually no more than once per week.

COACHES: One Coaching volunteer is allowed for each 11 players that are registered. Any adult can volunteer to coach. All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must complete a disclosure form and a Live Scan background check prior to being approved and receiving a roster. All MYSA Recreation Coaches are volunteers.

LEAGUE GAMES: League games are played on Saturdays at the Mary Grogan Community Park.  The end of the season tournament includes games on Saturday and Sunday.  Game schedules will be posted online after the last game of the season.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS / VOLUNTEERS: Our program is governed by a Board of Directors that operates on a volunteer basis and meets once a month. Anyone interested in serving as a Board Member or on a committee organized by the Board can contact the MYSA office by email or phone.

PHYSICAL ABUSE POLICY: The MYSA Board of Directors reserves the right to ban any person from our organization indefinitely, for any type of abuse toward any player, referee, coach, employee, board member, or any other person acting in an official capacity on behalf of the Modesto Youth Soccer Association. The Board of Directors reserves the right to take action for any other type of abuse.

MEDIA RELEASE: We reserve the right to any photographic or electronic reproductions of your player for the purpose of public media, as deemed appropriate by MYSA-Ajax.

PLAYER MOVEMENT POLICY:  MYSA Recreational players cannot be rostered on Ajax teams until the end of the Recreational season.  Recreational players cannot guest play on an Ajax team until the end of the Recreational season.
Ajax players cannot guest play or be rostered on MYSA Recreational teams.

Player & Parent Revocation

MYSA-Ajax recognizes each player as representatives of the Club and thus holds each member to the highest standards of integrity, sportsmanship, and professionalism. Consequently, MYSA-Ajax reserves the right to revoke a player’s membership on a competitive team or suspend a player for a specified period of time should a situation arise that the coaching staff, Director of Coaching and/or Executive Director deem such action necessary. Situations that might provoke this process include violations of MYSA-Ajax player and/or parent codes of conduct or other game-related player violations. MYSA-Ajax does not take such action lightly. The procedure for determining whether such action is warranted is outlined below.

I.         Recognition of Incident:

a.       The MYSA-Ajax Executive Director shall contact the MYSA-Ajax player and/or parent representative to request additional information regarding the alleged violation, as the MYSA-Ajax Executive Director deems necessary or appropriate.

b.       The MYSA-Ajax member shall promptly, but not later than ten (10) business days after such contact, provide all information requested by the MYSA-Ajax Executive Director. The failure to submit such requested information timely may be construed by the MYSA-Ajax Executive Director as an acknowledgment by, or on behalf of, the player of the occurrence of the violation as alleged. 

  1. Formal Reporting:
    1. The MYSA-Ajax Executive Director shall deliver a report (oral or written) to the Ajax Committee regarding the facts of the violation including any disciplinary action taken by other certifying organizations against the MYSA-Ajax member.
    2. This report may be delivered before the MYSA-Ajax member has responded to the request for information, however the MYSA-Ajax Executive Director shall update the report to include such response whenever it is received.
  2. Disciplinary Action:
    1. The Ajax Committee may, upon receipt of such report, take any or all of the following actions:
      1. Immediately suspend or revoke the membership of the MYSA-Ajax member pending further review by the MYSA-Ajax Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
      2. Privately censure the MYSA-Ajax member. The Executive Director shall advise the Board of the decision to censure in the form of a brief written report at the next scheduled meeting.
      3. Recommend that the Board suspend the membership of the MYSA-Ajax member for a period of time recommended by the Executive Director and/or Ajax Committee.
      4. Recommend that the Board revoke the membership of the MYSA-Ajax member.
      5. Determine that no violation has occurred and deem the matter closed.

b.       Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Board of Directors is not limited to accepting or rejecting the recommendation of the Ajax Committee and may impose on the MYSA-Ajax member any of the above penalties that the Board deems appropriate.

IV.     Notification and Appeal:

a.       The Executive Director shall notify the MYSA-Ajax member of actions taken by the Ajax Committee.

b.       The MYSA-Ajax member or parent representative may submit a written appeal to the MYSA-Ajax Board of Directors within sixty (60) days of the Ajax Committee’s decision.

c.        Upon receipt of the appeal, the Board of Directors will ask the Chair of the Ajax Committee to submit a written report explaining the reasoning behind the disciplinary recommendation.

d.       The Board of Directors will decide regarding the appeal within sixty (60) days of receipt of the appeal in writing. 

e.       The Board may authorize the censure, suspension, or revocation of membership of the MYSA-Ajax member prior to such appeal.

f.         Except as otherwise specifically set forth herein, no MYSA-Ajax member shall have any right to be present at any meeting of the Board where discipline of any MYSA-Ajax member is being considered, though the Board may, in its sole discretion, permit such attendance.

  1. Suspension and/or Revocation of Membership:
    1. Upon suspension or revocation of membership, the MYSA-Ajax member:
      1. Is no longer permitted to use the MYSA-Ajax designation and must immediately cease using the MYSA-Ajax designation;
      2. May not participate in any MYSA-Ajax member events; and,
      3. Shall be deemed to have immediately resigned from any positions with any MYSA-Ajax chapters or affiliates, boards, , committees and/or teams.

VI.     Reinstatement:

a.       Any MYSA-Ajax member whose membership is either suspended or revoked may apply for reinstatement at the earlier of the end of the suspension or five (5) years from the date of the Board's initial decision.


Nothing in this policy is meant to prevent or limit the ability of the Executive Director, the Ajax Committee or the Board to promptly respond to any alleged violation of MYSA-Ajax player and/or parent codes of conduct or other game-related violation, nor does this policy give any MYSA-Ajax member any right to appeal any final decision of either the Ajax Committee or the Board to any regulatory body, legislative body or court. Each MYSA-Ajax member specifically waives any right to pursue any legal or equitable remedy against MYSA-Ajax, its directors, employees, agents and representatives with respect to any aspect of any disciplinary procedure.


The Board, the Executive Director or the Ajax Committee may delegate any or all of such party's responsibilities under this policy to one or more individuals who are directors, officers, employees or agents of MYSA-Ajax.

 To print a copy of this policy  CLICK HERE

Revised 2/05/2017 

MYSA-Ajax Complaint Form

This form shall be used for filing complaints related to Modesto Youth Soccer Association and Ajax United. Complaints should be filed with the Executive Director, 3509 Coffee Road, Suite D8, Modesto CA 95367, (209) 236-1800.



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