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MYSA-AJAX Player Safety

MYSA-Ajax is dedicated to providing a safe & fun environment. We consider both aspects to be fundamental in our approach to helping kids love the game of soccer. Nothing is more important that the safety of our players.


Player Safety Precautions:

  • All our coaches complete the livescan fingerprint process which entails a complete background check
  • All coaches are approved by the Modesto Youth Soccer Association Board of Directors
  • Coach training & education program to ensure safety policies are upheld
  • Our coaches are never to put themselves in a situation where they are alone (driving, training, or otherwise) with an individual player


If you ever feel there is reason for concern about player safety, immediately contact us at [email protected]. No issue is too small to discuss and all discussion will be kept in the utmost confidentiality.

First Aid Kit

It is recommended that each team has their own first aide kit at all practices and games. Different age groups or teams traveling away from home may need different items. Best ways to complete kit is to request each family to bring one or two items, or have each family pay a certain amount.

  • Sterile (hypoallergenic or latex) surgical gloves (at least 2 pair)

  • Instant chemical cold pack(s)

  • Ziploc bags (to hold ice for ice packs) 

  • Elastic bandaides in assorted sizes (strip, knuckle, and broad); cloth with adhesive is preferable

  • Adhesive strips for wound closure (Steri-Strip), assorted sizes

  • 3"x 3" or 4" x 4" sterile gauze pads (packets of 2 to 5)

  • 1" and 4" rolled gauze

  • Ace bandage

  • cloth adhesive tape

  • paper adhesive tape

  • Sterile cotton-tipped swabs or applicators, 2 per package

  • antiseptic wash

  • Povidone iodine 10% solution (Betadine), bottle or swabsticks

  • alcohol wipes

  • neosporin

  • visine

  • Liquid skin

  • Liquid soap

  • hand sanitizer

  • tweezers

Nonprescription Medications (young teams may want chewable or liquid. Parents should always give their child the medicine)

  • Ibuprofen, 200 mg tablets

  • Acetaminophen, 325 mg tablets

  • Antacid

  • Benedryl

Optional items to consider

  • Insect repellent containing DEET

  • Sunscreen lotion or cream (SPF 15 or 30)

  • Lip balm or sunscreen

  • Wooden tongue depressors ("tongue blades")

  • CPR mouth barrier or pocket mask (such as a Microshield X-L Mouth Barrier*)

    Emergency Blanket

  • smelling salts

Articles for Parents/Players

If you are interested in nutritional information for your soccer player.
A good video explaining concussions and return to play


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