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Tournament Information:
*  All games will be played at the Mary Grogan Community Park.
*  Our MYSA Staff and Referee base will be located between fields 2, 5, and 6.
*  Tournament Director and Referee Assignor:  Carlos Zavala

Player/Coach Check In:
Coaches and players will be checked in at the field 10 minutes prior to game time.
*  Coaches must have players passes and official team roster.  Non-carded members will not be allowed on the players' sideline.
*  One coach and one assistant coaches with passes will be allowed to be on the sideline.

Hard Cast/Braces/Jewelry:
*  Hard Casts are not allowed.
*  Soft Casts/Braces will have to be approved by the Tournament Director prior to each game.  Decisions will be made based on player safety.
* Jewelry of any type is NOT allowed.  No exceptions.
*  All decisions will be made based on player safety.

Home Team:
*  The team listed first on the game schedule is the home team. Both teams will be seated in the designated areas opposite of spectators.
*  The home team will be responsible for providing game balls.

Games Length:

U10 = 20 minute halves (5-minute halftime)
U12 = 25 minute halves (5-minute halftime)
U14  = 25 minute halves (5-minute halftime)
U16 = 30 minute halves (5-minute halftime)
U19 = 25 minute halves (5-minute halftime)
Consolation and Finals = there must be a winner.  In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by kicks from the mark - no overtime.


*  Unlimited substitutions are allowed at the discretion of the referee during any natural stoppage.

*  Players and/or coaches who receive a red-card will automatically be suspended for the following game.
*  Red cards will result in a 2 point reduction in their team's standings.
*  Detrimental parent or sideline behavior will result in a 2 point reduction in their team's standings.

*  All standings will be updated online as soon as the game cards are submitted to the Referee Assignor.
*  Winner of each bracket plays in final.
*  There will be a consolation game for 3rd and 4th place.

10-Point System:
Win = 6 points per win, plus 1 bonus point awarded for each goal, up to a maximum of 3 goals per game.
Tie =  1 point per tie, plus, 1 bonus point awarded for each goal, up to a maximum of 3 goals per game.
Loss = 0 points.  No extra points for goals, per game.
Shutout = 1 point

Points Deductions:
*  Player's red card = 2 points
*  Coach Send off = 2 points
*  Detrimental Parent or sideline behavior = 2 points
(example: 2 red cards = 4 points, 3 red cards = 6 points, and so on...)
*  If a team's margin of victory is greater than 8 goals
9 goal margin of victory - 1 point deduction
10 goal margin of victory - 2 point deduction
11 goal margin of victory - 3 points; and so on...

*  If a team does not show up
*  U10 - 5 players minimum on the field
*  U12 - 6 players minimum  on the field
*  U14 - 7 players minimum  on the field
*  U16 - 7 players minimum  on the field
*  U19 - 5 players minimum  on the field
*  No coach or if the team does not have the minimum number of players at any time.
*  Forfeits will count as a 3-0 win, unless the game had already started and the score is greater than +3 (example: 10 points for a forfeit).  Zero points will be given if both teams forfeit.
*  A bye will be considered a forfeit.  Teams with a bye will be awarded 10 points.

Tie Breakers: 
*  In the event of a tie in points after bracket play, the following tie breakers apply:
1. Goal differential.
2. Points earned for head-to-head competition.
3. Kicks from the Mark. 5 players per team. If still tied after the 5 kicks then single elimination.

*  Awards will be provided to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. 

Protests and Disputes:
All games will be considered final.  No protests will be allowed.  Please verify game card and sign at the end of each game.

Conduct and Discipline:
*  Failure to abide by these guidelines by individuals and teams may result in sanctions including expulsion from the tournament at the discretion of the tournament director.